Maf Shoes Ltd is equipped with all modern machineries to ensure quality product as per customer requirement. We are continually upgrading our lab facility by adding new machineries.
“Different physical tests for complete shoe as well as incoming materials & several trimming accessories tests are carried on according to ISO, ASTMD, SATRA, DS, TM standard as per to meet the customer’s highest level of satisfaction.”


Universal tensile testing machine
Din Abrasion Tester
Shoe Flexing Tester
Flex Cracking Tester
Velcro Fatigue Tester
Aging Oven
Crock Meter
Rub Fastness Tester
Super Day Light (D65, Tl84, UV, F & CWF)
Gray Scale (Change in Color, Staining)
Hardness Tester (Shore A, C, D, F)
Thickness Gauge(Desktop, Mobile)
Servo Control Moving Die Reheometer
Digital Thermo Meter
Density Determination Kit (Soling Material)
Temperature Gun